Sunday, March 6, 2016

Can We Talk about God?

Sun. March 6, 2016 · by Leanor Ortega-Till

Often times at Scum of the Earth Church we are the "door" for someone just entering the church. Some people are returning to a belief they once held dear and for others Scum is the first step at peering into the world of Christianity.
M-- was raised Jewish and did not have a knowledge of Jesus but had recently began her relationship with Jesus and wanted to learn more. It is a gift to walk with people during the beginning stages of their process. Here was the first email I received from M--, who was in her late 20s when she wrote it.
"My name is M--. I met you a while ago at the Christmas fair and you bought two of my crosses. I know you answer questions or try. I’ve got questions about the void feeling that only God can fill. I’ve tried going to therapy but the therapist was a Buddhist and every time I asked her about God she was always so politically correct. I need a Christian to ask these questions to. I just don’t understand why or how or what develops one’s capability to have God want to fill this void in yourself. Why do some people receive more of it, the gift of love. I was wondering if we could start a dialogue about the nature of God."
M-- remained going to Scum for over a year and participated in one of our group exhibitions for 11th Ave Gallery. She also attended several of the women's events, including the trip to Open Air Adventure Park in Estes Park. We met to study the Bible several times and once she brought her father to Scum to visit! Currently she is working as a personal trainer and calls me from time to time to catch up.

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