Saturday, July 30, 2016

July Town Hall Meeting

We typically say "the offering helps keep the lights on," but what else? Lindsay Blackstone and Aaron Pott, Council members extraordinaire, explained Scum' budget at the last town hall meeting. Here's quick summary:

Total Monthly Budget: $8,311 (annual $99,734). The fiscal year runs March 1Feb 28.

Salary and Wages - $4,420/month goes to Trio, bookkeeping and staff stipend (small amount set aside for staff needs) Aside from this, Staff raises their own support.
Building - $1,093/mo goes to water, gas, electric, insurance, supplies, and a/v equipment
Office - $190/mo goes to supplies, internet and phone
Administrative - an average of $450: bank/filing fees, insurance/worker's comp, website/email, year-end mailing
Ministry Expenses - $1,445/mo goes to church-wide events, benevolence, food, honorariums, men's/women's ministry, missions, general church childcare for events, Sunday school supplies, discipleship materials 
Staff Expenses - $540/mo goes to childcare for staff meetings, Mike's retirement (small amount), staff training/retreat

Compared to other churches.... It costs about $100k / year to run Scum, which is extremely lean in compared to the general church budgets. According to a 2009 study the National Christian Poll, most medium size churches of 200 people have annual budgets closer to at $200k /year or $1,000 / year per attendee. 84% of a typical church budget goes toward maintaining itself--38% going toward staff salaries and 36% to building.  Putting Scum side by side to “typical” church budgets, we look quite healthy and practical.  We have our building paid off.  

Giving...In 2015, Scum giving averaged around $8-10k / month which provided us the ability to cover our costs. Praise God!  So far in 2016, we are averaging around $5-6k / month.  Obviously we are in a bit of a transition over the last couple months, but honestly -- giving is down almost half.  

 It is common practice to tithe 1/10th of your income to the work of the Lord.  Some give 1/10th pre-tax, some post-tax, some give all their 1/10th to their home church and above and beyond to outside ministries.  Others give more than 1/10th and others less.  It is between you and the Lord what amount or where it goes.  With that said, can we talk as a family here?  We have about 5 months now of much lower giving than typical.  While I believe the Lord is outside of budgets and money and can work wonders, I also believe He is clear on giving as a part of ministry, growth and stewardship.  We bring up the budget and giving to you all to be transparent about where Scum is financially and where the money is going.  It is something to think on and pray through.  We would be happy to answer any questions.  Thanks!

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