Monday, April 11, 2016

A Letter to Scum

Kayleigh wrote this letter to Scum during the all church family meeting in late March.  

Dear Scum, 

I am new to Scum. 

I am not like a lot of the people at Scum. 
I have never been burned by a church. 
I don't dress predominantly in black. 
I like main stream music. 
I was raised in a stable Christian home.
I haven't gone my whole life feeling like an outcast. 

BUT we are the same. 
We are brothers and sisters. 
We are wholly loved by God. 
We are complete in Him. 
We are all trying to figure Him out.

You have never made me feel different than you. 
You have welcomed me into your community with no hesitation. 
You are doing something right. 
You are acting like Jesus. 

Thank you, Scum.

Kayleigh Merchant

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