Monday, April 25, 2016

An Overseas Perspective

For several years, Scum has been growing relationships in (of all places!) Cambridge, England.  Groups and individuals  have visited Scum through our connection with Ridley Hall, an Anglican training college in Cambridge, and the relationships are growing even deeper and wider through "friends of friends." 

AN OVERSEAS PERSPECTIVE From Scum’s newest Cambridge intern, Naomi Chamberlain: 

Being at Scum of the Earth Church has been an immediate eye-opener. I had no solid agenda for coming here, only that I knew God was telling me to visit the moment I finished the last page of Mike’s book, and it was undeniable. I wanted to serve in some way—with my art, experience in childcare, even a simple listening ear—but unsurprisingly (thanks be to God) I have felt overwhelmed by the service rendered me. Nothing could have prepared me for how consistently welcoming, friendly and accepting a group of human beings can be. Every person I have met and spoken to has had something to teach me about my own life. So, thank you all. It has been a privilege coming to Scum even at this difficult time of changing the Sunday services to something new. All I can say is, by your example, I am encouraged by (despite differing opinions and difficult emotions) how a church can pull together. Many of you pride yourselves on your rebellious nature and questioning mind, yet you can still be considerate, respectful, and open towards each other. As an outsider, I can see how much God is sustaining you through this, and that Jesus is most definitely the end result.

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